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The Midland Railway Society Journal has published a series of articles called Items from the Study Centre which feature items from the Trust's collection housed at the Midland Railway Study Centre located at the Silk Mill Museum in Derby. The Journal contains authoritative articles on a wide range of Midland Railway subjects. It is published three times a year and is one of the benefits of Society membership. To find out more visit www.midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk

To view the articles published to date, please click on the following links:

1 : Train Tablet Sections 1923 (Item No. 13321) (pdf, 456KB)

2 : Infected Farm Animals, Chief Goods Manager’s Circular No 2227 (Item No. 17771) (pdf, 718KB)

3 : Specification For Engine Factory, Bromsgrove Station (Item No. 17996) (pdf, 2.74MB)

4 : Midland Railway Signal Box Diagram - James St. Junction (Item No. 11288) (pdf, 310KB)

5 : Midland Railway Bi-lingual Trespass Sign (Item No. 95118) (pdf, 798KB)

6 : The Shelford Archive (Item Nos. 24000 - 25407) (pdf, 201KB)

7 : Midland Railway Makers Plate (Item No. 11548) (pdf, 104KB)

8 : Carriage Compartment Stool (Item No. 13818) (pdf, 153KB)

9 : Midland Railway Rugs & Blankets (Item Nos. 11394, 16683 & 26517) (pdf, 198KB)

10 : Colourful Midland Railway Tickets (Item Nos. as shown in article) (pdf, 951KB)

11 : Midland Counties Railway Tickets (Item Nos. 16535, 16536 & 16537) (pdf, 7,107KB)

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